Decomposing anything organic in nature (like micro-organisms) which comes into contact with, or onto a reated area. Bacteria, viruses, funguses and many other airborne contaminants being typical examples.

  • A Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide
  • Visible light Response and Reaction
  • Dispersion Technology
  • Titanium Dioxide Concentration
  • Binding Capabilities
  • Spraying and Fixing Directly
  • Gets Dry and firm Instantly
  • Can be Sprayed on any surface
  • It's Anti SARS and A (H1N1)
  • It's Anti-bacterial
  • It's Anti-Viral
  • It's Deodorizing
  • It's Self-Cleaning
  • It's Anti-Fungal and Anti mold
  • And it Increases negative ions