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Footwear and Clog

Designed for the suitability of users in mind. Comfort is key! Calzuro shoes have massaging bumps to stimulate blood circulation.



Most popular high performance suction pump suitable for wards, operating rooms, recovery rooms, ICUs, obstetrics and endoscopic.


Femcare-Nikomed Filshie Clip

The Filshie Clip System is the number one choice for female sterilisation.


GEM Ring Cutter

Designed to remove rings or bands which have led to strangulation of the digit, or other limb, as a result of traumatic injury.


Moeck Warming System

Effective and flexible tool that povides optimal temperature control for patients.


Molnlycke HealthCare

Solution for safe, efficient surgery and infection prevention.


RZ Medizintechnik GmbH

RZ Medizintechnik GmbH is your partner for open surgery, endoscopy and medical devices.



World's Most Advanced Nano Coating Technology.


Our Service

On-site/In-house Training

Adapted to the demands of different surgical procedures

After-Sale Service

Creating new efficiencies in turn and helping you treat patients to better care.

Cleaning Surface & Air Decontamination

Using latest Nanotechnology

Engineering for Biomedical Equipments

Sales, spareparts and commissioning

V.O.C. Services

Volatile Organic Compound Services

Consultation/ Continuous Medical Education

Time, effort and cost efficiencies

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